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Welcome to ClassCrits!

What is ClassCrits?

ClassCrits brings together academics, students and activists to advance economic justice.
Formed in 2007 in response to growing economic inequality, the name "ClassCrits" reflects our connections to other critical legal scholarship movements, such as critical feminist theory, critical race theory, LatCrit, and queer theory.

Why Join?  Members and Associates will:
  • Be included in our public ClassCrits website member profiles, searchable by interests.
  • Receive notices of upcoming events and other collaborative projects
With a small annual dues payment, Members will receive:
  • Conference registration discount
  • Right to vote for Board members of ClassCrits, Inc.

Tenth Anniversary Conference ! 

ClassCrits X: Mobilizing for Resistance, Solidarity & Justice

Nov. 10-11, 2017, Tulane University, New Orleans
Weinmann Hall
Hosted by Tulane Law Prof. Saru Matambanadzo

ClassCrits X Program

ClassCrits X Session Abstracts

Works In Progress Abstracts