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Survey Response - Preamble

Registration Fee Waiver Request Application 


If you want to be considered for a registration fee waiver please complete this survey by October 1st.  We will respond by Oct. 8th to let you know whether you will receive the fee waiver.  Please see the eligibility details below and complete the other items on the registration form prior to sending in the fee waiver request. Thank you!


a. Generally an applicant must have an annual income at or below $50,000 and be a conference participant. 


b. A conference participant is a person who has committed to attending the upcoming ClassCrits conference and who has received Conference confirmation that the applicant is scheduled to present intellectual and/or activist-related work, is commenting on or discussing such work as part of a panel, or is presenting a Work-In-Progress at the Conference.  


c. Grant priorities include students, postgraduates, adjuncts and activists. Though those who hold full-time tenured/tenure-track positions are ineligible for these grants, ClassCrits, Inc. may consider applications from retired faculty and faculty from the Global South.

Exceptions:  Full-time tenured/tenure-track faculty are ineligible for a grant.  The same applies for students, faculty, and staff of the host institution (ClassCrits, Inc. generally expects host institutions to provide funds to cover the costs of attendance for these individuals as well as other local participants).